Blood Sugar Levels Too High? 2 Tips To Lose Weight To Get The Levels Back To Normal

The average blood sugar levels can range from 60 to 90 depending on when the blood sugar levels are taken. For example, the levels will be lower if you have your blood drawn after fasting (not eating) for a few hours than if you have the blood drawn right after you eat. The doctor will know when the number you have is too high, however. Once this happens you are at the beginning stages of type 2 diabetes. [Read More]

Planning Your Next Big Event? 4 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Caterer

If you're going to be catering an event, you want to make sure you're getting the best food, and the best service, for the best prices. That means you'll want to take your time before choosing your caterer. One way to make sure you're getting the best caterer is to ask plenty of questions. Here are four questions you should ask before you select the caterer for your next event: [Read More]

Hiring A Food Truck For Your Family Reunion Party: What Type Of Food To Have

A food truck is a great way to serve your large amount of guests in a fun and casual way. You can choose to pay the food truck vendor in advance to feed everyone, or allow your family members to buy their own grub as they see fit. Here are some ideas for the type of food you should have available so you can have a great mix of tasty treats everyone can enjoy. [Read More]

DIY Oven Element Troubleshooting And Repair

If you own a home, then you likely consider the appliances in your house to be essential to everyday life. This is especially true of your oven if you cook family dinners on a daily basis. The appliance is likely to cost you a few hundred to a few thousand dollars when purchased new, with installation costing an extra $100 to $ 250. If you splurge for one of the more costly ovens, then you certainly do not want to replace the appliance if it suddenly breaks on you. [Read More]