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Hiring A Food Truck For Your Family Reunion Party: What Type Of Food To Have

A food truck is a great way to serve your large amount of guests in a fun and casual way. You can choose to pay the food truck vendor in advance to feed everyone, or allow your family members to buy their own grub as they see fit. Here are some ideas for the type of food you should have available so you can have a great mix of tasty treats everyone can enjoy.

Traditional fair food

A vendor who specializes in the common fair food you enjoy in the summer is a real winner for any family reunion because the food served is both tasty and familiar. Find a vendor who serves the classics such as hand-dipped hot dogs, hot funnel cakes, nachos, and a variety of beverages to keep your crowd happy.

Dutch oven cooking

If you want to serve a real meal at your event, then a vendor who does dutch oven services is a wise choice. Freshly prepared dutch oven cakes, potatoes, and roasted meats are sure to please your guests and fill their bellies with classic old-school home cooking.

Ethnic fare

If you want to be outside the box with your vendor services, hire a food vendor who carries ethnic fare. A Greek food vendor with gyros is a great choice. Another option is a Chinese food vendor serving classic fried rice and various chicken or seafood dishes. If you want to serve ethnic food that is more familiar to your guests, then a Mexican food vendor with traditional burritos, tacos, and other quickly prepared foods is an awesome choice.

Fried Food

If you have other foods you are serving at your venue and you are adding a food truck just to mix things up, then go for the classic fried food trucks that provide a fun and rare indulgence. Your guests can be delighted by deep-fried desserts, potato nachos, and chips that are crunchy and delectable.

Fun beverages

Don't forget about the drinks at your family reunion by hiring a vendor who serves cold and hot specialty coffees, hot cocoa, Italian sodas, smoothies, or even flavored shaved ice. When you have a beverage vendor along with a food vendor you have all your bases covered with serving your many guests. Some food vendors also serve tasty beverages besides water and soda, which is something you may want to consider if you only want to hire one food truck for your family reunion.

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