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4 Tips For Running A Special Cake Delivery Service

If you want to increase the profits your bakery makes, one way to do that is by offering delivery of your products. If you want to keep your delivery service limited in scope to start with, running a cake delivery service is a good place to start. Cakes are more expensive than other items you could deliver, so it makes more sense to offer cake delivery as a service to your customer. Additionally, people often need cakes for special occasions, making a cake delivery service perfect.

Tip #1: Invest in Good Delivery Trucks

You don't want to use just any vehicle to deliver your cakes. You want to invest in special delivery trucks for your cakes. When transporting food, you need professional looking and clean trucks. A food inspector can inspect your trucks as well as your bakery when you offer delivery as a service.

Make sure you build in space to store your cakes during the transportation process. You need to use storage boxes that will keep your cake secure and place the cakes on non-slip mats so that they won't move around.

Tip #2: Plan for Emergencies

You need to plan to be able to take care of any cake emergencies that could emerge during the transportation process. You need to keep ingredients that could melt in special containers that will keep everything cold.

You should always carry an emergency kit of fresh ingredients with you, such as extra fondant and extra buttercream. That way, if the frosting on a cake is damaged, you can fix it before delivering the cake.

Tip #3: Set a Minimum for Delivery Orders

Delivering cakes can be a great way to increase your profits, but it only works if you are making enough on your delivery.

You can offer free delivery for orders over a certain amount, or you can charge a flat delivery rate or a per-mile delivery rate. Just make sure to set the minimum order rate or the delivery rate at a level that will allow you to turn a profit while offering this service.

Tip #4: Plan All Deliveries

Finally, delivering a cake is not like delivering pizza. You are delivering a highly specialized item for a special occasion. Cake delivery orders should not be a last-minute thing. You should require all orders to be placed at least 24 hours in advance.

You should make sure the cake is finished a few hours before the expected delivery time, and you should make sure your delivery driver leaves in advance of the delivery time period. You should deliver the cakes about an hour before a special event.

If you want to increase your bakery profits, consider offering a delivery service. Contact a bakery near you to learn more.