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The Three Levels Of Commercial Hamburger Molding Equipment

Running a successful restaurant means serving amazing food and selling a great dining experience. Customers want a regularized eating experience whenever they visit their favorite restaurant so they can feel right at home every time they visit. If you serve hamburgers at your restaurant, you can give your customers the most consistent experience by using hamburger molder equipment. These molds come in a variety of styles, but they all create perfectly consistent burgers. Here are the three main styles of burger molds.

Simple Hinged Molds

If your restaurant doesn't sell very many burgers but you still want to serve professional, standardized burgers, you don't need an expensive kitchen tool. Restaurant supply stores sell simple aluminum or plastic hamburger molds that will serve your staff well. These molds look a lot like tortilla presses, but they maintain a perfect patty shape rather than pressing balls of dough or meat flat. Simply have your staff weigh out portions of meat ahead of time and then press them into shape right before cooking. Each patty will be perfectly round and the right size and shape for your hamburger buns.

Adjustable Molds

Some restaurant menus include burger patties of varying sizes, including sixth-pound and quarter-pound burgers. If your menu includes many burger offerings with different patty sizes, your kitchen won't be complete without an adjustable burger mold. These molds function similarly to simple hinged molds, but they can be adjusted to press several burger sizes. To make the best use of these molds, have your staff press patties ahead of time based on your expected orders. Note that many of these molds come with removable parts, so they are best suited to well-organized kitchens with responsible staff members.

Single-Step Molds

To truly streamline your burger-making process, try using a single-step mold. These molds include hoppers and lever-activated molds. Simply load your burger mixture into the hopper and use the lever to create perfectly sized burgers every time. These molds remove the step of weighing or measuring out each portion of meat. They prevent waste, too, because no burger will ever be too large and none of the burger mixture will escape the mold. These molds work well in all kinds of commercial kitchens, but they come with a much higher price tag than simpler burger molds. If you are working with a tight budget, try to calculate your current losses from oversized burgers and lost burger mix to see how long you would need to use a single-step mold before it would pay for itself.

To learn more about hamburger molder equipment, contact a restaurant supply store in your area.