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3 Tips For Hiring A Caterer For An Out-Of-State Wedding

When you're in the early stages of planning an out-of-state wedding, it can be stressful to make sure that you find catering that's going to suit the wedding that you have pictured in your mind. Whether your wedding is going to be a small, intimate affair or have a lot of guests, it's smart to take your time to look for a caterer that's going to deliver on what you want for the event.

Schedule Tastings During a Visit

Visiting the destination ahead of time can help a lot with arranging all the different vendors and making sure that the wedding will be ready on your desired date. Instead of putting off finding a caterer until it gets close to the wedding, you'll want to schedule a tasting ahead of time so that you're able to have a tasting at all.

With the tastings scheduled with your partner, you'll be able to try different foods and get a better understanding of what kind of food will be ideal for the wedding and what you can avoid. Starting early will also allow you to create a menu that suits all of your expected guests.

Rely Heavily on Recommendations

Without much experience in the area that your wedding is being hosted at, it's important for you to rely heavily on recommendations. Whether this means asking the venue about which caterers they typically hire or simply checking what you can expect for the ratings of different caterers can help a lot with narrowing down your choices. By getting some advice from other people who recently hired the caterer, you'll know what kind of experience they will be able to offer you and your guests.

Consider Your Menu Preferences

Taking a good look at what kind of food you would like to have served, as well as the kind of guests you'll be having, can help you decide on the right menu. From having vegan options to making sure that some of the food is suitable for children, finding a caterer with a menu that is accommodating for your guests can help a lot with avoiding a caterer that can be too pricey.

As you prepare for hiring a caterer, knowing what to look for can help you quickly narrow down your choices and be left only with caterers that are capable of helping with the food that you want served. With the above tips, it should be much easier for you to narrow down the options at your destination wedding.

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