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A Raw Bar And Kabobs — Two Appetizers That Showcase Local Cuisine

A raw bar and kabob station are two appetizer options that can be used to showcase local cuisine. Your catered affair may include featuring seafood, plus offering colorful kabobs that contain a pairing of seafood and vegetables or meat and vegetables.

Local Food Products

Showcasing local food products could potentially regulate the costs your caterer will charge you. The people who attend your social function may be accustomed to eating many or all of the items, which will essentially make your catered appetizers a hit with your guests.

Your caterer may purchase ingredients from a fisherman, a farmer, or another local who has access to an array of regional food products. Let your caterer know about your desire to serve a raw bar and kabobs, plus provide them with details about the number of guests who will be attending your function. This will help them gauge how many fresh ingredients to purchase.

Raw Bar

A raw bar can contain shrimp, crab, oysters, and other fish products that you prefer. A raw bar will typically feature a series of sauces, including tartar sauce and cocktail sauce. Ask your caterer to prepare batches of various sauces, each featuring a creamy, spicy, or sweet element.

A raw bar can consist of a large platter that is covered with ice and fresh fish or smaller platters that contain ice and fresh fish. Toothpicks can be used to spear seafood products, making it easy for guests to retrieve the raw pieces of seafood. Your caterer will be responsible for peeling and shucking seafood while prepping the raw bar ingredients. They can be directed to prepare extra seafood, in case you want to have the option of replenishing the raw bar as guests consume the contents of it.


Kabobs can be cooked over an open flame or inside an oven. For a truly succulent kabob product, request that your caterer uses some marinade. If you would like to infuse the kabobs with a smoky flavor, the caterer can use a smoker or a charcoal grill to prepare the kabobs.

Since you will be featuring seafood with the raw bar appetizer, you may want to offer more diversity with the kabobs. Some of the kabobs can contain shrimp, scallops, and vegetables. The other kabobs can feature a protein, such as beef, chicken, or pork. Fresh, local vegetables can be used to add color to the kabobs.

Reach out to a catering company near you for more details.