Buying Fresh Produce At The Grocery Store? Follow These Tips

Over the years, the quality and quantity of fresh produce at grocery stores have really improved. These days, you can buy all sorts of rare and exotic fruits and vegetables. They also tend to be quite fresh and close to ripeness. However, there are definitely still some tips you can follow for a better experience when buying fruits and veggies at the grocery store. Buy what's in season, first. If produce is in season, it is often sourced from close by.

Eating At The Oyster Bar For The First Time

Oysters are widely considered a delicacy. Many people eat them regularly and truly enjoy them. But if you have never enjoyed oysters before, you might be a little confused the first time you visit a restaurant with an oyster bar. Here are some tips to help you navigate the experience with ease — and hopefully enjoy yourself while doing so. Start with cooked oysters, if available. Some restaurants will set up a raw bar with only raw oysters.